Breakfast Club and School Menu

Breakfast Club

Breakfast has long been recognised as the most important meal of the day! 

The Welsh Government Primary School Free Breakfast Initiative gives children in primary schools in Wales the opportunity to have a free, healthy breakfast in school each day.  

 Research shows that children who have the opportunity to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast prior to the start of the school day are more likely to achieve their full potential. 

  Breakfast Club at Colcot Primary provides a nutritious start to the day. This is important in ensuring our children are mentally relaxed and ready to embrace a day full of new learning opportunities at Colcot Primary. 

  Breakfast clubs times are from 8:00am – 8:45am. 

No children will be admitted after 8:20am. 

   Breakfast club needs to be booked using the forms which you can collect from the school office. We are unable to admit any children on the day that are not pre-booked. If your child is not booked in they will not be admitted

School Menu

Free School Meals

All children are eligible for Free School Meals. 

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