Colcot's Criw Cymraeg

We are this year's 'Criw Cymraeg'. our job is to promote the Welsh language, and to encourage both pupils and staff to use Welsh on a daily basis. We also work towards developing a strong Welsh ethos within the school. 

After lots of hard work by all of the staff and children at Colcot Primary School. We are incredibly proud to say that we have been awarded the Gwobr Arian (Silver Award) - part of the Siarter Iaith (Language Charter) that is being implemented in schools across Wales. In 2019 we were the first school in Barry to achieve the Gwobr Efydd (Bronze Award), and hope to achieve Gold in the next academic year. 

We meet regularly to discuss and plan ideas in order to achieve our targets. Once a fortnight we choose a new phrase for all pupils to focus on, and children/adults are rewarded with Tocyn Iaith (Language Ticket) for using Welsh around the school. 'Siaradwr Cymraeg' certificates are presented in each area of the school, also once a fortnight. 

It is important that everyone associated with school is on board with learning Welsh, including parents! Check social media for 'Mae Taffi yn dweud...' and practise with your children at home. 

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